Objectives & Activities

The overall objective of project 44 is to enhance response capabilities and promote inter-agency and regional cooperation in CBRN first response in the Western Balkan and Black Sea regions by enhancing the capabilities to organise and execute table-top and field exercises, as well as train-the-trainer courses both at national and sub-regional level.


Main activities

These objectives will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Assessment of the current situation including the outcomes of some specific activities obtained in the already implemented CBRN CoE projects
  • Development of guidelines and sharing of best practise on the CBRN incident response
  • List of basic equipment for first responders and technical specifications
  • Train-the-trainers and training activities on CBRN incident response for the countries in the Black Sea region
  • Strengthening inter-agency cooperation at sub-regional levels
  • Organisation of CBRN response exercises at national and sub-regional levels